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How Do I Make My Website More Attractive?

Okay, you’ve made the tough decision and are now ready for a new design to your website.

Breathe a sigh of relief. This is a great direction for your business to go. 

Your old site probably isn’t working, and it’s the right thing to do, to take the bulls by the horns and move on from it. Now, let’s get down to How Do I Make My Website More Attractive?

What your new site is going to be like!

Here’s a few ideas of things your new site should be ticking off in 2022.

1. an attention-grabbing homepage!

The homepage is what your visitors will see when they first set eyes on your website.

It’s the instant impression you create on them, so you really want to try to do everything in your power to make sure it is as special as possible. There are important factors that will determine whether or not your homepage is successful: If someone has found a page on your site through a search, or perhaps clicked a link, they probably have a pretty good idea of what they’re searching for, so ensure that any links leading directly from here point them towards what they searched for, and give them clear instructions, if necessary!

Your page should be easy to understand. If visitors can’t work out what kind of content awaits them based on a quick glance around the page, then they just will not stick around – especially considering the vast range of other pages there are out there vying for people’s attention these days!

2. a clear & transparent purpose:

A clear purpose – the aim of your website is to assist users to achieve a goal in the quickest way possible, and this should be perfectly clear from the get-go.

A clear call to action – Whether you’re selling products or services online, there should never be any doubt on what you exactly want visitors to do next: join up for an account, download an ebook or whitepaper, purchase something from your shop page—whatever it's going to be they need to know right away that this page has it!

3. Easy navigation:

Keep the navigation simple.

This is often one of the most naive mistakes we see in websites that are redesigning. If you wish your users to seek out what they’re searching for, it has to be easy. If it’s not patently obvious where they have to go next, they won’t find what they are looking for on your site! Make sure the navigation is consistent across all pages. You don’t need a user clicking around and then having trouble navigating because they have used previous navigation on the last page and now you are showing them an entirely new way on another page! (or vice versa). Make sure the navigation is completely user-friendly. This implies two things:

Firstly: ensuring there are not any glitches in how easily users can move around within your content; Secondly: ensuring there aren’t any annoying pop ups or ads shooting up unexpectedly while your visitor is trying to navigate through each section.

4. A mobile friendly site:

A mobile-friendly site may be a game changer for your website, and it’s important that this is included in your redesigned website, no ifs no buts, this is a necessity! 

There are many valid reasons to make a mobile site, but importantly, Google now uses this as a major ranking factor – if you would like to rank well in Google, and who doesn't? you must have a responsive mobile website design, this must be done, do not leave this out, as it will ruin your chances of ranking! Having a responsive mobile website implies that your content will display properly on all devices – and this is especially true for SEO as when users are presented with an easy-to-use experience they’re more likely to spend time on your site and interact with it, which increases engagement.

5. Social media integration:

Social media integration is vital for your business. It helps you build your brand, connect with folks that have an interest in what you have, and to reach new customers. It also helps keep current customers engaged and might facilitate the growth of your business by saving money and developing new ways of doing things.

Social media integration is a great way to connect with others on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube (and there are many more!).

6. Security badges:

It’s important that your website is secure, so be sure to have a security certificate (SSL) and the location is served over HTTPS. With these two features in situ, you'll be able to add a green lock icon to your site to let potential customers know that their data is protected—and they'll safely enter any credit card or debit card information and other sensitive stuff without the concern of hacking.

7. Client testimonials or reviews:

This is one to get right as it’s a very, very good way to be able to showcase your expertise and show new visitors what they'll expect when working with you. Client testimonials and reviews are different, though they serve the identical purpose: to share your client’s feedback with future new visitors. Client testimonials are typically written by the same person that hired you and includes their name, role within their business (e.g., owner), and brief details about what services were provided (e.g., website design). They must also include some personal thoughts on working with you and why they chose to have faith in you in the first place—maybe due to your reputation for being good at getting results? An alternative choice is for clients to place a review on Google or any other renowned platforms where people might rummage around for information about SEO services, web design, or whatever your niche is. This can be done through social media posts too!

8. contact forms:

Your contact form should be easy to see on the home page and others, easy to grasp, and make sure that the user can fill the forms easily. Don't reinvent the wheel, make this process very simple and easy to complete. The message itself must be clear, for example: “Contact us – we’d like to hear from you!” or " No question is a daft question" It should be possible for visitors of all ages to use any forms on your site without any help or assistance.

9. Clear calls to action (CTA):

When redesigning your website, it is often easy to forget what needs to be included. This is something to pre-plan as most people stumble around and end up placing things on their site for the sake of it and most times it is irrelevant to what they are trying to achieve. A call-to-action (CTA) should be a button or link that directs visitors toward the step you want them to take within the journey. It should be clear and stand out, relevant to the page and the website visitor, easy to seek out, understand and use, and must be persuasive enough for a desire by the user to click on it instantly!

How Do I Make My Website More Attractive? If your new site can check off these things, then it's a great investment. That’s why all Thrive Theme Websites packages include these features as standard.

That is all the 9 things you simply must be doing when redesigning your website.

We all know it will be a pain, but trust us, this is "how do i make my website more attractive" by using various tools available on Thrives Themes will make things so much easier. In fact read this blog post:


How Do I Make My Website More Attractive?

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